Roblox Games: Adopt Me

Yaquelyn Vanegas , Staff Writer

Adopt me is a game where you adopt people or pets. You can buy pets by making money. There are no jobs in adopt me, but you can adopt a baby and take care of them for money, or you can become a baby and make money by taking care of yourself. You get tasks each day and can make money if you’re a baby though. When you first go in the game you get a trial that appears and tells you what to do. Also, you can go to the pet shop and get a free pet. There are lots of tasks like going to school, going to the hot spring, playground, camp site, sleeping, food, and drinks I think that’s all, but you can only do them if the task appears. You can also get tasks from your pet and get money from it to. You can also roleplay and change your characters clothing. Also, sometimes there’s events. Adopt me is one of my favorite games to play when I’m on Roblox. If you haven’t played it, I hope you do, and I definitely recommend it.