My Hero Acadamia

Kassandra Zagal and Ariana Zagal, Staff Writers

We will be reviewing “My Hero Academia.”  The main character of my hero academia Izuku Midoriya was born “Quirk less,” without superpowers.  Other people are born with a quirk. Our main character is bullied in middle school, and often called deku (useless) and then on one long day he gets attacked by a villain while on his way home. To save him the number one superhero in Japan comes to his aide and saves him. After saving him, Izuku asks his rescuer Allmight for an autograph. Allmight says, he already signed the notebook and then attempts to leave. Izuku asks Allmight if he can be a superhero without a quirk, to which Allmight says you need a quirk to be a superhero, much to Izuku’s sadness.  Allmight says he can become a cop or some other form of hero, but not someone special. 


Allmight changes his mind when he sees that Izuku can become a hero because he saw him trying to save someone from a villain and that reminded him of himself back thenIzuku Midoriya is training to become a superhero with Allmight’s help. Izuku Midoriya is training to become a superhero with Allmight’s help. he started training by cleaning the beach by take all the garbage and putting it in the garbage pit and after days he finally finished cleaning the whole beach, he is trained enough to take the entrance exam for U A.  During the exam, low on points, he risks the results to help another candidate. A risk that worked as he enters UA. He first meets the girlOchako Uraraka. Together they meet other classmates and become friends.  Finally forming the Deku squad.  


One day at the summer camp for class 1A they decided they would play a game but thevillains the attacked them and Izuku has saved kids from villains, and he also try saving one of his classmates from villains who was being kidnap. All of class 1-A Izuku classmates are going on a mission to save a little girl who is being experimented on and they are using her blood as weapons to get rid of all the hero. The class split up to go save the girl. After that they all get back to U.Abut they must take the little girl the hospital. U.A is having a festival and class 1-A are going to perform in the festival and after the performs they all go and have fun. 

In our opinion we think that Izuku is going to still be working hard to help and save people but since he is still hero itraining, he won’t be able to do that until hgets his hero license