Movie Review: Rio


Yaquelyn Vanegas , Staff Writer

This is a review of a movie called Rio that came out in 2011. Before telling you my opinion, let me tell you what’s it about. Rio is about a type of bird called the blue macaw which is going extinct in real life. In the movie, at the beginning, people capture birds than they get shipped off and go somewhere else. One of the birds falls out of a moving car. This is a blue macaw named Blu, and he spends his time living with a human.  In the movie the blue macaws are also going extinct and there are 2 left of its kind. They try to get Blu to  a center that helps animals that are hurt or going extinct. The center is trying to get the 2 together to save the species  but on the way there’s problems. Some people and an evil bird are trying to capture them for money. I don’t want to tell you too much about the movie but there are songs, and they are really good and catchy. I rate the movie 10/10 and also you can find it on Disney+ or you can look it up and buy it. I really like the movie and I definitely recommend it.