Cartoon: Life in New York


Kassandra Zagal, Staff Writer

My cartoon is about a character named Stacy. She lives in New York. She usually has her college classes early in the morning, and she works after her classes until really late at night. This time, she didn’t have any classes that morning, so she finally had time for herself. The reason why they didn’t have class that morning was because the teachers were planning to do something different before the end of the year.

I created this cartoon using an app called Ibis Paint. It’s a free phone app. You can create cartoons, or draw anything that you have in mind using shapes, paint buckets, paint brushes, and more. You also have the blur tool to blend things in. You can pick the size of the artwork that you want to create. It took a while to get used to the app and to learn how it works. I would recommend this app if you don’t feel comfortable drawing on paper or if your hand gets tired easily from drawing on paper.