TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy

Jazmyne Jackson, Staff Writer

Do you like drama? Well, you’ll love Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy is about doctors who first started out as interns it is also a drama-based show with a little bit of romance. I like this show because of the actors that are on the show and the story line, I also like it because of the realistic surgeries. It can be educational for teens who would want to be a doctor. I would suggest you watch from the beginning because if you don’t you would miss a lot of events in the show. Dr. Bailey (Chandra Danette Wilson) Christina Yang(Sandra Miju Oh) and Meredith Grey(Ellen Kathleen Pompeo) are my favorite characters because they are very hard working and they like challenging themselves. If you have watched it and didn’t like it I really hope this article will change your mind.