Back To School


By School News Network

Cencere Finley, Staff Writer

It is fun it is cool I like it, but it is kind of awkward seeing the teachers in real life. It’s also kind of awkward seeing people I have been talking to on the computer and not seeing the actual faces is kind of weird seeing them in real life.

I am not really used to wearing uniforms and stuff anymore because of how long we have been out of school. I think that uniforms are irritating because we’ve been out of school for so long and we shouldn’t have to wear uniforms because we already got used to not wearing uniforms, and Iyanna Durley says “We shouldn’t wear uniforms for the rest of this year, since we’ve been out of school for long.  Stores stopped selling school uniforms. So, it’s really pointless of wearing uniforms.”

The only bad thing about going back to school is that we have to keep wiping down the desk and it’s kind of irritating because sometimes we forget and we have to come back and we have to do it all over again.  I’m not necessarily saying that we don’t have to be sanitary during this time but it’s kind of irritating when the teachers forget to tell us to wipe down the desk.