What is Roblox?

What is Roblox?

Patricia P., Staff Writer

What is Roblox? Some people ask this question, so I will tell you what Roblox is. Roblox was made on September 1, 2006, and when I said a game, it has lots of games like Royal High, Tower of Heck, Piggy, Happy Runner, Mother, Funky Friday, you can make your own game too. 

You can change your avatar with Robux and if your are wondering what are RobuxRobux are coins, and yomust buy them with real money so ask a parent first if yoare not old enough and you can use Robux with games. 

But before playing, ask a parent to install Roblox and add your information.  If you or a child try to give information out, it will hashtag it so Roblox is safe and if someone does create an inappropriate game, Roblox will delete it. They have a lot of game that have obbys (obstacle courses). 

My opinion about Roblox is that I love the game its great and you should play itI am not forcing you to play it but it’s your choice.