Full Moon Names


Creator: Mimi Ditchie | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: © 2017 Mimi Ditchie Photography

Evelyn Garcia, Staff Writer

Native American tribes have named the full moons after events that take place each month season. 

Below is a list of the full moons for each month and what they are named after. 


January: Wolf Moon   This moon is named after howling wolves 

February: Snow Moon    This moon is named after the snowy conditions 

March: Worm Moon    This moon is named after earthworms that come out after winter 

April: Pink Moon    This moon is named after pink flowers called phlox that begin to bloom 

May: Flower Moon    This moon is named after the flowers that bloom in May 

June:  Strawberry Moon  This moon is named after red berries that ripen 

July: Buck Moon  This moon is named after antlers developing on deer buck’s foreheads     

August: Sturgeon Moon    This moon was named after the many fish found in lakes 

September/October: Harvest Moon    This moon occurs around the beginning of fall when farmers are harvesting many crops 

November: Beaver Moon   This moon is named after the beavers as they prepare for winter 

December: Cold Moon     This moon is named after the emergence of winter.