Staff Interview: Ms. Kerndl, Irving Art Teacher


Penelope Pena, Staff Writer

How long have you been teaching art?

This is my 7th year teaching and it’s my fourth-year teaching art at Irving

What type of art do you like best?

I love doing a lot of different art but right now my favorite is making art work out of metal, ceramic art which is clay making and painting

What inspired you to start doing art?

My dad inspired me to start doing art because he does a lot of painting and drawing in his free time and when I was little, he used to do art activities with me and my brother.

What do you do when you’re not doing art?

I love to spend time with my family and yoga but when there wasn’t Covid, I would like to travel and spend time in nature.

Have you ever been so intrigued in your art that you forgot that you had something else to do?

Yes, in college there was art studio that was open for 24 hours a day and I would be doing art in there but sometimes I got so intrigued I would forget to check the time and end up going home really late.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching art?

I think my favorite thing about teaching art is working with students and being able to see my students having fun and learning new skills

Have you ever sold a piece of your art?

Yes, I have sold some pieces in the summertime I’ve went to art festivals and I’ve sold a lot of my jewelry pieces

Who’s your Favorite artist?

I would probably say Frida Kahlo

Do you like reading if so, what is your favorite book?

I love reading a lot I’ve always loved reading since I was little. One my favorite books when I was in elementary school was Wrinkle in Time and when I was in high school it was Jane Eyre and I still enjoy reading those two books.

What was your favorite place that you have traveled to?

I’ve traveled to a lot of places but I would say one of my favorite places I traveled to was New Mexico.  I studied there for like a semester in college and it was cool.

What’s your favorite Movie.

My favorite movie is a Christmas movie and it’s called “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it’s in black and white but it’s still a good move to watch.

What’s your favorite Tv show.

My favorite tv show is Blown Away and I recommend watching it a lot because it’s about glass artwork and you get to see how all the glass artwork is made.