$62 Million Painting

The painting is massive – over 17,000 square feet (1,600 square meters). Mr. Jafri created the painting in the ballroom of a closed hotel. Above, Mr. Jafri in one area of his painting last July. (Source: Kerzner Communications.)

Patricia P., Staff Writer

In September 2021, Sacha Jafri, an artist from England, sold the world’s largest painting for $62 million.  Sacha Jafri wanted to do a project that would make a big difference during the pandemic.  He started by asking kids from around the world to send in pictures showing how they felt during the pandemic. Then he used those pictures to create the largest painting at over 17,000 square feet.  

Sacha Jafri sold the painting for $62 million to a French businessman named Andre Abdoune. Sach Jafri will donate the money to charity.