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LOT Red and Orange Team, Staff Writers

April fool’s day is a day when you can prank people and they are not supposed to get mad about it.  Some people really like this day and others are not big fans. Below are some examples of how students at Irving Middle School feel about April fool’s day.  


Kirah: I don’t like April fool’s day because the people joke doesn’t be joke. 


Trinity: I don’t like it because no one I know does pranks on April fool’s day. My sister did a prank once where she told me we had school but that day we didn’t because of meetings in the school and when I walked to school there was no one there and the whole time her and my mom were walking behind me to see my reaction. 


Alana: I don’t like it because sometimes people say bad things and you think it’s a prank, but it may not be a prank. 


Laila: I like April fool’s day because it is a day when you can prank people and they know that you are joking, sometimes people do not take it as a joke, and it ruins the fun and that is why most people do not like this day. The reason I like April fool’s day is because it is a day when I can play pranks on my mom and she does not get as mad as if was a normal day, and it is the way with me and other people. Although most people do not like it, I enjoy it.  


Cencere (Luden): I love April fool’s day because the pranks are funnymean, or simple. One day when my dad was younger there was a Cubs game that day and the class really like the Cubs, so his teacher told them that he got tickets for everyone and the class packed everything and went downstairs and when they got downstairs the principal was looking at them like they were stupid, and their teacher was on the stairs laughing at them and said, “April fools. 


Yaquelyn: I don’t like April fool’s day because I don’t like pranks. I don’t like pranks not because of a bad experience I just don’t like to be pranked. 


How do you feel about April fool’s day?  Share your comments and experiences with us.