Book Review: So This is Love: A Twisted Tale


Yaquelyn Vanegas , Staff Writer

So, This Is Love Review

This is a review about a book called So This Is Love. It was written by Elizabeth Lim. The book is about what If Cinderella never tried on the glass slipper. You can find the book at Target, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble and maybe Walmart. It is a nice book and it’s also very interesting. I rate it 10/10. It has 411 pages and 32 chapters. I know it’s long but it’s a nice story and is different from the story we all know. The beginning starts with the normal parts of the movie Cinderella then moves on to a different storyline that picks up after the ball which I find interesting. The book is really good. I started to read it in January than finished the day before February so kind of under a month.  I really like the book and it was interesting, but I don’t want to spoil much. So, if you love Disney or Disney princesses or just want a book to read that’s different also if you just like fairy tales, I recommend So This Is love. If you want to finish in like a month read a chapter each night or just read a certain amount each day, take your time. Also, if you love the book, it’s a series called a Twisted Tale with each Disney story there is something different, but I definitely recommend So This Is Love.