What is Among Us?


Patricia P., Staff Writer

Some people ask this, “What is Among Us? Among Us is for everyone to play only if your parents let you or if you are an adultIn the game Among Us, you need to find out who’s the imposter and to do your task. Some tasks include visual, which means that when you do a visual task the task bar will show up on your screen then it will move up every time you do a task.  One type of task is to connect the wires and another one is to wait for the file to download. 

Sometimes you run into people and they might be the imposter or your crewmate.  When this happens, you must watch out because when you run into the imposter, they can kill you, but if you‘re in that kind of situation you must try to run away or press the emergency button. If you are the imposter, you must kill everyone syoubut be careful or you can lose if you are discovered. 

One thing that is fun is that you can play with your friends or strangers, but you must watch out and don’t give out your information to strangers. 

think Among Us is fun and I can play with family members and when I am the imposter it is fun. I hope you enjoy this and have a beautiful day. 


UPDATE 3/11/2021       Why I Do Not Like the Among Us New Update 

I don’t like the Among Us new update because I can’t type for myself, and I can’t say what I want to say.  It does give me options to choose from, but I would rather write for myself.