Mars, the fourth planet from the sun.


Mars, the fourth planet from the sun.

Perseverance lands on Mars

February 22, 2021

On Thursday, February 18, 2021, the Perseverance rover landed on Mars, the second smallest planet in the solar system.  It is the first time that 25 cameras and 2 microphones were sent to Mars to take pictures of the surface.  NASA hopes to discover if anything lived on the surface of the planet in ancient times. Mars is named after an ancient Roman God. 

“I am excited because this will help us on Earth to see if there is other life forms out there,” said sixth grade Zavyius Carnell.  Brandon Hart, seventh grade, added, think Mars is cool because its alot of things we dont know about Mars.” 

I think it could be exciting because we’ll learn more about another planet,” agreed Angel Bonilla, eighth grade student. 

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