Return to In-Person Learning

LOT Yellow Team, Staff Writers

Starting in March 2021, students and staff at Irving Middle School in Maywood, IL, will be returning to in-person learning. The number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 has been dropping in Illinois and in the Maywood area. School officials feel that it is safe for staff and students to return using the hybrid model. 

The hybrid model means that not all students will return at the same time. Some students will return to in-person while other students continue with online instruction. 

Sixth grade student, Alexander Williams said “I think it is cool that some students can go back to school and others can stay home because I am not ready to go back yet.”  Penelope Pena, another sixth grade student said, “I like that we can return to back to school but I don’t like that there is not a secure plan yet. I like knowing an exact plan.” 

The district is hopeful that the return to in-person with hybrid will be a success. They hope to have all students back by fall 2021.